Testa e Lische is an italian brand of leather accessories inspired by the sea, especially Tuscany seaside.

Our collections recalls the happiness and the carefreeness of a beach holidays, the days spent on the beach and the nights playng the guitar in front of a bonfire.

The concept combined with the know-how and the tuscan leather tradition, wich make the Testa & lische clutch a solid and long-lasting product.

T&L was born from the love for the sea and leather goods, Elena’s passions. It all started in an August in Favignana, a beautiful island in the Egadi Islands, in Sicily.

Elena was lucky enough to get in touch with local Sicilian craftsmanship, which prompted her to design something of her own, which had stylistic details of a high-quality leather bag combined with the simplicity and spontaneous beauty of the summer easyliving outfits.